Day / Date:       Saturday 27-01-2007
Place visited:  Pakistan Meteorology Department Jail Road, Lahore
School:            City District Government Girls High School, Paisa Akhbar, Urdu Bazaar,  Anarkali, Lahore   
Class:               Class 7-10 (15 Students)
Facilitators:     Saima Shauket, Qurat-Ull-Ann
Purpose:           NAIS – Challenge 20/20 Project (Natural Disaster and its Mitigation)

Objectives:       Enable the students to:-

  1. Understand the role of Meteorological Department in Pakistan and all over the world
  2. Gain knowledge of different instruments in the department
  3. Learn about Natural Disaster and its reason in Pakistan

The visit really gave good exposure to the students. It was specially arranged for Challenge 20/20 project. A group of 15 students was made for the collaborative project to work together and learn. Then share the learning with some schools in Pakistan and some other countries.
The students were very keen to see the things over there. They were encouraged by the officers of the department to ask questions. The officers giving briefing satisfied the students’ questions with demonstrations and examples. The visit motivated the students to get higher education and be the part of one of the department like this.
Here are some of the bright memories of the study tour.